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120x60x30mm vetro20mm

AQ UP magnets are newly developed, very powerful and long-lasting squeegees. Thanks to the new construction technologies, the AQ UP magnets, in the event of detachment, remain on the surface and do not sink to the bottom, thus making recovery extremely easy. The new Scrape model is equipped with a slide with metal blade to remove algae and incrustations from the aquarium glass with a single simple gesture.

- Easy and effective cleaning

- Maximum force of attraction

- Soft outer cloth

- Ergonomic shape

- Even around corners

- Abrasive felts inside

- No more scratched glass

Product quality: superior quality ABS, ultrasonic welded, rare earth magnet.

The new Scrape squeegee cleans effectively like a normal AQ-up, but in addition it is equipped with a slide with metal blade that allows you to remove the most difficult algae and encrustations from the aquarium glass with a very simple movement. Quick, safe, effective… with excellent results! The blade is easily applied and can be replaced with the appropriate spare part.

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